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Khánh Thi


Nguyễn Hồng Thi

March 21, 1982 (age 41)

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Years active2002–present
PartnerPhan Hiển
AwardsGold Medal Rumba & Jive in Asian Indoor Games 2009 The Prime Minister Awarded the Labor Medal

Khánh Thi is the grand master of Dancesport of Vietnam and a choreographer of Dance Shows. Khánh Thi and professional dancer Chí Anh used to lớn dance as a couple, but after achieving success, Khánh Thi went on to lớn dance with Phan Hiển who remains her partner to lớn date. She has won many awards in Dancesport, including two Vietnam Open Dancesport Championship Awards, an AIG Award and a SEA Games. With ví much success, she has become the grandmaster of Dancesport in Vietnam.[1][2][3]

From 2010 to lớn 2017 Khanh Thi and Cat Tien Sa [vi] company combined with VTVKhanh Thi is both a counselor and a judge of the gameshow Dancing with The Stars (Bước Nhảy Hoàn Vũ Việt Nam) and So You Think You Can Dance nước ta (Thử Thách Cùng Cách Nhảy). Khanh Thi is the organizers about trăng tròn large and small dance competitions in Vietnam: CK Open International Dancesport Championships, KTOC - Khanh Thi Open Dancesport Championship 15th, Rising Stars...

In June 2017, Khanh Thi organized a live concert to lớn celebrate 25 years[4] of singing and khiêu vũ.

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