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Thuy at Head in The Clouds 2022

Thuy at Head in The Clouds 2022

Background information
Birth nameThuy Thi Thu Tran
BornOctober 29, 1991 (age 31)
Stockton, California, U.S.
  • R&B
  • hip hop
  • pop
  • Singer
  • songwriter
Years active2015-present
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabetTrần Thị Thu Thủy

Thuy Thi Thu Tran (born October 29, 1991), known mononymously as Thuy (stylized in lowercase) is a Vietnamese American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Thuy is an independent artist[1] and has released 2 EPs.

Early life[edit]

Thuy was born in Stockton, California lớn Vietnamese refugee parents, and was raised in Newark in the East Bay region of Northern California.[2] She attended Newark Memorial High School, where she was a thành viên of the choir, and then went on lớn attend the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she majored in biopsychology.[2][3]


2015–2020: Career beginnings[edit]

After graduating college, Thuy planned lớn pursue a career as a physician assistant and held a number of jobs in the medical field but frequently changed jobs due lớn her lack of interest in her chosen career, working variously at several dental clinics, dermatology offices, and as an optometric technician, while writing and recording songs at night.[1][4] During this time, Thuy released various cover videos on social truyền thông.

In năm ngoái, Thuy released her tuy nhiên "Hands on Me". The tuy nhiên gained widespread tư vấn in the Bay Area community after winning KMEL 106.1's trang chủ Turf contest.[2] Following the song's success, Thuy moved lớn Los Angeles with her boyfriend and childhood friend lớn pursue music-making full-time.

In 2017, she released "All Night Long", which initially gained a small amount of traction.[5] In 2020, the tuy nhiên gained a resurgence in popularity after a slowed-down version of the tuy nhiên went viral on TikTok.[6]

2021: i hope u see this[edit]

In 2021, Thuy released four singles leading up lớn a nine-track debut EP, I Hope U See This (stylized in lowercase). The full project was released on October 29, 2021, on her birthday.[2] I Hope U See This was released with an accompanying music đoạn phim, which Thuy co-directed herself. The music đoạn phim portrays a younger version of Thuy, who is played by her real life cousin.

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2022–present: girls lượt thích má don't cry[edit]

Thuy performing at Outside Lands in San Francisco, California.

After the release of I Hope U See This, Thuy released a deluxe version of the EP. In May 2022, she embarked on her first tour with four sold out dates.

In August 2022, she performed at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco and Head in the Clouds in Pasadena, California.[7][8]

In the fall of 2022, Thuy released her second EP, Girls Like Me Don't Cry. The EP was supported with a sold out North American west coast tour.

In January 2023, it was announced that Thuy would perform at the 2023 Sol Blume Festival.[9] It was also announced that Thuy was named as one of Vevo's DSCVR Artists lớn Watch 2023.[10]

From March through August 2023, Thuy served as the opening act on Ella Mai's Heart On My Sleeve Tour.[11] In March 2023, she made her debut in the Vietnamese music market by releasing a remix of "Girls Like Me Don't Cry" (the EP's title track) featuring Min.[12] In addition, "Girls Like Me Don't Cry" entered the Billboard Vietnam Hot 100 and peaked at number 9.

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Thuy grew up listening lớn R&B and pop from the early 1990s and 2000s and cites her early musical inspirations as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Tamia, Christina Aguilera.[2] She has been described by Paper as having a "signature, nostalgic sound — catchy R&B melodies, agile runs and dreamlike soundscapes".[13] Thuy has expressed admiration for contemporaries such as Kehlani and Keshi.


Extended plays[edit]


Concert Tours[edit]

Headline Tours

  • i hope u see this tour (2021)
  • girls lượt thích má don't cry tour (2022-2023)

Opening Tours

  • Heart On My Sleeve Tour (Ella Mai) (2023)


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